Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Location: Indianapolis, IN

I couldn't fall asleep very easily last night, partly because my hands still reeked of hair coloring product, and mostly because Chad and I had just finished jumping up and down while Reggie Wayne caught the winning touchdown for the "Rivalry of the Decade" game. And it seems strange to me, recollecting now, that I'd be so excited. But that's a good example of the rather ruinous effects of marriage on my individuality in these brief, yet well-filled 5 months. Errr...almost 5 months.

I'm not an advocate of sports in general, but since marriage, that's changing. I have found myself rather proud of the Colt's 9 & 0 record. I even went a game, the opening game, no less. I tuned out about halfway through, but that's to be expected with so many people all around to observe and analyze.

I'd been educated enough in Colt-ism to know that the Patriots are our least favorite team, and last night, I can genuinely say I was sick to my stomach when we are at the 30 yard line. (Impressive, isn't it?) I drove downtown to work this morning, and almost wanted to high-five everyone who was wearing a Colt's jersey. And then I remembered, I have no idea what I am talking about. Please note, my irritation with girls who momentarily attempt to look like sport's fans via facebook, twitter, or in casual conversation has yet to wear off. I openly admit, I don't really care.

Another change, albeit not so subtly, has been to my tastebuds. For four years in college I prided myself with existing solely off of Common Grounds frozen drinks and McAlister's PB&J's. Here in Indy, we only have mainstream coffee shops. Like Starbucks, or Seattle's Best. I've been amazed at the money I am not spending. Shock of all shocks, I've actually locked up my habitual craving for mainstream food in general, with or without the PB&J. Chad and I now scour any strip mall for ethnic restaurants. Dishes of choice: Pad Thai from Jasmine Thai...a mix of rice noodles and chicken, sprinkled with crushed peanuts. Chicken Tika Masala from New India: chicken smothered in a delicious red sauce steaming over white rice...and over course, the Indian specialty flat bread Naan. I simply cannot get my hands full with it as often as I'd like. Perhaps the most expected turn in tastebuds has been to Lebanese food. Bosphorus downtown serves up the best hummus I've ever had. I now lick the plate. And for an entrée, I love me some doner (it's kind of a twist of lamb and beef shaved and seasoned) One Lebanese dish that cannot be stomached, however, is Kidbi...the raw meat dish. I'll leave that to my husband.

I apologise for listing sports and food first, but I can't deny that sometimes, that seems to be the order of our interests right now outside of friends and our personal favorite, the strange and very unexpected work God's doing in our hearts. More on that another blog, when its more tangible and something I can actually articulate.

Week life for Chad and I is getting pretty "normal" feeling lately. He has been elevated to the position of hiring manager at Freije, and so he reviews resumes and sets up interviews and hires people all day long. As the social man that he is, he's content.

After a few months of doing nothing except listening to Bill Johnson sermons, reading books about revivals and the church, and researching some pretty outstanding worship music-- I finally found a job. Or, two.

I've managed to set up my schedule so that I still feel like I in college, with my Monday, Wednesdays and every other Friday being occupied one way, and my Tuesdays and Thursdays another. It's actually really refreshing. For those who work 5 days a week at the same job and are hating it, attempt the luxury of change of pace.

I start my week off driving downtown to Monument Circle, the hub of downtown, and I spend my days at the Emmis building working for Indianapolis Monthly magazine fact-checking: perusing already submitted articles for any factual errors. It's like being an investigator, except I do it for free and the pace is considerably less draining. Occasionally, the dining editor and possibly one of my favorites here, offers me a some word space for a particular restaurant, which means I drag Chad there and we eat a free meal. (I don't actually drag him there, he's really quite eager for anything free, especially food.)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have the distinct privilege of nannying for Jack (5 months), Kathryn (4 years), and John (5 years). I'm a bottle filling, diaper changing, board game playing machine while I am there, and I come home plastered with baby vomit and spit. Sort of disgusting in a heart-warming way.

The biggest item on our proverbial plate is our move. Although our closing has been postpone not just twice but thrice...I am excited about getting out of our apartment and moving into a house. Not that we'll be able to furnish it for the next ten years, but it's something I like to think of as an investment. And all in all, Chad and I enjoy life, enjoy friends, and enjoy marriage. We are, I have to believe, living in the most blessed period of our lives thus far.

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    I love you. and your words.

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